Out Here Divin’

We came to the Philippines as our last stop in SE Asia with the primary focus of getting certified as open water scuba divers.   We didn’t have much planned outside of that.  El Nido, on the north tip of Palawan (the largest island province in the Philippines), is known for beautiful diving and picturesque scenery (have you seen the end of Bourne Legacy?), so it made perfect sense as the place to do it.  Based off of several great reviews Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your Undies

After nine months of travel, it finally happened to us. We were beginning to think that without Sofi to provide endless airport adventures, we were destined to have pain-free travel for the remainder of our trip. But alas, there we were at the baggage claim in Manila, Philippines, without our luggage. Our bags had been left in Vietnam and we had taken the very last flight coming from Ho Chi Minh to Manila. Just perfect, right? Continue reading