Rough Start, Strong Finish in Bangkok

A little over a week ago, we arrived in Bangkok with a bit of unfortunate timing.  Within an hour of our arrival, a bomb went off at the Erawan Shine in central Bangkok.  When traveling to distant places around the globe, there’s always a chance of encountering dangerous or unfortunate circumstances.  We knew this going into the trip but never really expected something like this to happen so close to where we were traveling.  Unsure of what to do next, we decided to lay low for a bit, following the news and Continue reading

Interesting Things You Might Not Know About the World

Throughout nearly seven months of travel in 11 different countries, we’ve been exposed to a number of unique traits specific to various cities, countries and entire continents.  Some of them have already been written about in our blog, but others over time became commonplace to us and we neglected to mention them.  As such, we wanted to share some of these fun facts/observations with you. Continue reading

Life of Pai

One day after our arrival in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we hopped on a minibus and drove up into the mountains to a quaint little hippie-village known as Pai.  The road is curvy (762 curves to be exact- which we know because they sold shirts that say it!) and not for those who have a weak stomach.  But if you can power through that portion of the journey, Continue reading