Travel Stats

Earlier in the week, we hit the 6-month mark on this life-changing journey.  And what a memorable six months it has been!  To commemorate the first half of our RTW adventure, we’ve assembled some fun travel statistics to this point:

Countries visited: 11

Continents visited: 4

Languages spoken in countries visited: Bai, Chilean Spanish (trust us, it’s different), Czech, Hungarian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Quechua,  Slovakian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

Flights (including layovers): 20

Longest flight: 9 hours (Rio de Janeiro to Miami)

Shortest flight: 1 hour, 10 minutes (Bangkok to Chiang Mai)

Longest continuous travel day: 28 hours (in case you forgot)

Beds we’ve slept in: 32

Cars we’ve slept in: 2

Local beers consumed: Antarctica, Austral, Bia Hoi, Brahma, Cusquena, Cristal, Devassa, Ha Noi, Huda, Kozel, Krusovice, Pilsen Callao, Pilsner Urquell, Saigon, Skol, Staropramen, Tiger, Tsingtao

Wonders of the world seen (in order of appearance): 4 (Machu Picchu, Christ the Redeemer, Great Wall of China, Ha Long Bay)

Friends who’ve met us on the road: 7 (and counting)

Photos taken: 3,597

YouTube videos: 11 (check them out!)

Instagram posts: 118

2 thoughts on “Travel Stats

  1. Your 6-month RTW recap is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!! It’s almost beyond my comprehension that you have seen and done so much is what really is a short amount of time. – – – Happy, healthy, safe next six.

    This is what I did on Thursday @ a “See Lord Stanley’s Cup” event at Bolingbrook Golf Club. It pales in comparison to your experiences, but for a “close to home” happening, it ranked pretty high on my list!



    • We feel the same way, Peg! Thank you so much for the kind words and well wishes for the next half of the journey. That is so exciting to hear about your Thursday fun! I would have loved to see the Stanley cup…I hope you got some good pictures or even a kiss of the cup! 🙂


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